Paris Seawell

London, United Kingdom
+44 (0) 7581 751 097

Music // fashion // commercial

For every project, I push to make the best work possible while embodying two main ideals. Defying conventions, revolutionising through an open mind and an empty book, and knowing the history, advancing a medium using knowledge and experience.

I am always aiming to achieve intelligence, imagination and excitement in my work. (Let me know how I’m doing.)

Available for client work, music videos, international work, & collaborative projects. LinkedIn

Creative Director at:


James Joseph

(Founder & Editor of Stylenoir)

“His vision of the human form is nothing short of spellbinding. What he envisions and puts into reality compromises of such beauty and purity, yet provokes thought and discussion, furthering the gravity of his work.”

“Paris Seawell is definitely one to keep an eye on, as his creativity blossoms, we are sure that there will be more outstanding works to come…”

Ron Egatz

(Writer, Mamiya Blog)

“Paris Seawell can be counted on for his continuing vision of the uncommon and unspoken. An artist unafraid to show what is typically hidden both inside and out…”

“His goals are not only to get us to view the body differently, but to think.”