Bambi Rose: Part I

Bambi Rose, an introduction.

“The mysterious and seductive Bambi Rose. An abstergent force for an unknown cause. She charms and ensnares her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, and only leaves a trail of bodies.

Bambi Rose is a microcinema / short film series by Paris Seawell, Based off the character imagined by him and Olivia Rose (Model & Illustrator). It is a slice of film noir, and a voyeuristic stare at the life of a femme fatale.
The lead is played (beautifully) by Olivia, and we’re very lucky to have the multi-talented John Turner on music selection.

‘Bambi Rose: Part I’ is a mood-setting chapter, and sets the tone for future episodes. In Part II, the story will develop and flourish, with the introduction of new characters, and a peek at the rabbit hole the beautiful Bambi will find herself tumbling down..

Paris Seawell


Olivia Rose

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